TD Workforce objective is to provide our employees with the safest working environment while on assignment with our clients, by training and educating each employee on safety awareness. We have a safety guide that each employee must read and acknowledge. Our contractors require field electrician to have the basic tools.

Please check out the list here: tool-kit.

Safety is job one

The contractor should provide the training and guidance necessary to eliminate unsafe practices and conditions at their job site. We require all of our field employees to comply with TD Workforce and the contractor’s safety rules, regulations and hazardous communication.

Any employee who believes that a violation of a safety standard exists should bring the situation to the attention of their supervisor first and/or the appropriate TD Workforce coordinator. If corrective action has not been taken or a satisfactory explanation has not been given, you have the right to request a safety inspection by sending a signed notice to the Department of Labor.

Employees understand that some of TD Workforce clients may have additional policies, procedures, conditions, and security practices. They agree to comply with those additional safety requirements. If they do not adhere to those policies, they understand that this behavior may be cause for discipline which may include immediate discharge.

Employees, who sustain an injury on the job, are required to inform their site supervisor and TD Workforce immediately after the accident. TD Workforce will deal promptly with legitimate claims and has workers compensation insurance that will pay medical expenses and wages, when applicable. TD Workforce has experience investigating claims and will fight fraudulent claims through all of our available resources.